Legal Services The Law Office of Jonathan W. Birdt

Dealing with a lawsuit can be scary, but if you carefully manage costs and always focus on the true objective, you can achieve a good result. Unfortunately, nobody truly wins a lawsuit, and it is always about minimizing expense and exposure while being ready to go the distance. This is a difficult balance, but one I take pride in being able to achieve for my clients - fair and just resolution without bankrupting you in the process. My goal is always a good result and my reviews from clients and colleagues will confirm this for you. Call me toady - phone consultations are always free.

I have been fortunate to have a varied career always focusing on Civil Litigation, bot for almost every perspective. With more then 50 cases tried to verdict, I am comfortable with almost any kind of action and not afraid to take it the mat. At the same time, it is always important to remember the clients best interests which aren't always going to war.

I have handled Civil Litigation matters in both State and Federal Court for almost 20 years, and as a solo practitioner I am able to bring my services directly to you without worrying about high overhead or supporting a large staff. This allows us to work together and focus on what matters - a good result.

Help with Lawsuits

From unpaid promissory notes to neighbor disputes, I can help you achieve a fair result.

Trial Attorney

I have successfully tried to Verdict cases ranging from birth injuries to property disputes and can bring that experience to help you. Whether you just need help preparing a case, someone to step in at the last minute, or a trusted battle companion to fight for you, I can comfortably handle your case through trial, and more importantly, I really love going to trial.

Personal Injury

If you have suffered a serious injury from a car accident, slip and fall or defective product I have assisted clients in recovering substantial sums for their injuries.

Small Business Disputes

As General counsel, outside counsel, or just a trusted source of advice, i have represented many small businesses, some for almost 20 years and understand the needs and problems associated with running a small business. So if you are feeling outgunned, I can help.

Contract Disputes

Whether your contract is verbal, writing or even in a series of text messages, I can discuss with you the options you have to collect or defend against any lawsuit.

Civil Rights

If you have been the victim of overreaching Police misconduct you may be entitled to sue to protect your Civil rights. I have handled many cases of false arrest and excessive force so call today to discuss your situation.

Second Amendment

As an avid shooter and NRA Life Member, protecting our Second amendment Rights is very important to me. If you live in Ventura, Los Angeles or San Bernardino County and have been denied a Concealed Weapons Permit, or the Sheriff has taken longer that 90 days to process your application I can help.