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General News

2/25/16: Successfully defeated antiSLAPP motion in a malicious prosecution action.   Ruling

12/2/15: Trial win on behalf of clients victimized by lies told by their property manager Chandra Livingston of All of Us Enterprises.    Judgment


Current CCW Cases

 Cases challenging "clear and present danger" requirement for the issuance of a permit to carry a concealed weapon in Los Angeles.

   Birdt v. LAPD and LASD: Fully briefed in 9th Circuit and waiting on Peruta opinion.  Opening Brief.   Birdt v. Baca Complaint.

      Miscellaneous case documents:    Waldie Depo. Lapd Policy.  LASD Policy.  Mudgett Declaration.  

   Raulinatis v. LASD:  Fully briefed in 9th Curcuit and waiting on peruta opinion.  Opening Brief. Order.

   Anderson v. LASD: Summary Judgment filed in District Court and waiting on Peruta.  Complaint and Summary Judgment.

   Thomson v. Torrance PD and LASD:  Torrance dismissed as a party and fully briefed in 9th Circuit against LASD waiting on Peruta.

 Birdt v. SBSO:  Case challennging the Sheriff's personal definition of Good Moral Charachter.  Cross Summary Judgment Motions fully briefed and

 waiting on Peruta.  Order on Motion to Dismiss.

 Raulinatis v. VCSO: Case challenging the Sheriff's personal definition of Residency.  Appellate briefing completed and waiting on oral argument.  Opening Brief.

 Nordstrom v. VCSO:  Case challenging the Sheriff's personal definition of Good Moral Charachter.   Here is a very positive ruling on the moiton to dismiss which now sets the stage for the Motion for Summary Judgment set for March 4, 2016. Here is the First Amended Complaint.  

Peruta En Banc Decision

Other Civil Rights Cases

Elzy v. Torrance: Here is the Complaint.

Hacopian v. Upland:   Open carry case.

LAPD False Arrest Case:  Lapd false arrest.


Miscellaneous Favorites

My Resume. Admission to the Supreme Court.  The Future of Concealed Carry.

Marshak Judgment.   Marshak Depo.   Complaint.   GalenMD Fee Order.  TTI Patent.   VNET v. MCHVerdict.